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Research Associate In Viral Phylodynamics, Univ. of Cambridge

This post is funded by an MRC Methodology Research Programme grant, entitled ‘Combining epidemiological and phylogenetic models of infectious disease dynamics’. The successful applicant will develop state-of-the-art statistical models to link viral transmission with viral evolution, both within- and between-hosts, with the ultimate aim of inferring quantities such as population sizes and selection pressures on […]

The Art of R Programming – Matloff (2011)

It’s difficult to write a book on an entire programming language and keep it manageable and concise, but The Art of R Programming does it as well as any text I’ve seen. Matloff covers, in detail and among other things, R data structures, programming idioms, performance enhancements, interfaces with other languages, debugging and graphing. Title:The […]

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow – Statistics in HIV/AIDs Research

About Us: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, home of three Nobel laureates, is an independent, nonprofit research institution dedicated to the development and advancement of biomedical research to eliminate cancer and other potentially fatal diseases. Recognized internationally for its pioneering work in bone-marrow transplantation, the Center’s five scientific divisions collaborate to form a unique environment […]

Post Doc at Passive Acoustics Research Group and Large Whale Research Group

Integrated Statistics is looking for a post doctoral scientist to work with the Passive Acoustics Research Group and Large Whale Research Group, part of the Protected Species Branch at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole, Massachusetts ( We are looking for someone to bring new ideas, approaches and analytical methods to derive abundance, […]

Senior Software Engineer – Scientific Programming

  Position Summary   Do you want to change how scientists approach basic and clinical life science research and how pharmaceutical companies develop cures for disease? Sage Bionetworks is a medical research organization dedicated to building advanced predictive models of human disease.  Our primary objectives are two-fold: to build and support an open access platform and […]

Data scientist, Berlin

*Fluidshopping is a Berlin-based startup working on a customer analytics tool for online retailers. Customer Lifefitime Value (CLV) is the mythical ‘magic number’, the amount of money a particular customer will ever bring in. Knowing your CLV makes it trivial to: – optimize marketing spend for different inbound channels. – identify your highest value customers, […]

Clinical Information Technology Research Assistant – University of Oxford UK

Clinical Information Technology Research Assistant (102792) We are looking for a Clinical Information Technology Research Assistant to work on the Oxford component of the EURECA FP7 project (Enabling information re-Use by linking clinical REsearch and CAre). The post-holder will be in the Oxford component of the EURECA project and will focus on achieving the deliverable […]

Animations in R – How to Make Animated Graphs

Animated graphs can be very helpful in illustrating concepts or discovering relationships, which makes them very helpful in teaching and exploratory research. Fortunately, creating animated graphs in R is fairly straightforward, once you have the right tools and understand a few basic principles about how the animations are created.

Bioinformatics programmer at the University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania Department of Microbiology Laboratory of Dr. Frederic Bushman Applications are invited for a computer programming position, focusing on bioinformatic studies. The programmer will be responsible for bioinformatics software development and support of existing software. The programmer will develop and implement web-based and report-based tools to process and analyze high-throughput sequence data. The […]

Analytics Manager at athenahealth

via R jobs listserv Seeking ambitious and articulate quants and statisticians, interested in answering questions related to healthcare. Geek-out and grow: . Apply multiple technologies (SQL/Perl/R/Javascript/HTML/Excel) . Work with Big Data from multiple sources (Oracle DB, Weblogs, Salesforce) . Analyze, model and present insights to stakeholders . Get deep in a subject area: Finance/Operations/Marketing/Medical Outcomes/Strategy […]

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