Zen and The Art of Competing Against MBA’s

“I appreciate your ambition, but we’re looking for an MBA…” My senior manager smiled and indicated the topic was closed. Despite the fact I was effectively running our direct mail program in the absence of my recently departed boss, the door was closed and locked. I quit two months later. Within three years, I was promoted […]

How To Make Your Data Analyst Resume Stand Out

To the typical reader, most technical resumes sound alike and share none of the unique personality behind the paper. For example, you may know that Jane is meticulous about data quality and has an amazing knack for creatively turning business requests into statistical problems. George is easily the most “flexible” person on your team when […]

Simple Anagram Finder Using R

One of my early programming projects in Python was a word game solver (example: word jumble solver or wordle solver) – the early version was a simple script, which grew into a web application. Since then, I’ve always enjoyed using dictionary search problems to test out a new language. Today’s article will look at building a searchable […]

Webscraping with rvest: So Easy Even An MBA Can Do It!

This is the fourth installment in our series about web scraping with R. This includes practical examples for the leading R web scraping packages, including: RCurl package and jsonlite (for JSON). This article primarily talks about using the rvest package. We will be targeting data using CSS tags. I read the email and my heart sank. As part […]

Creating your personal, portable R code library with GitHub

As I discussed in a previous post, I have a few helper functions I’ve created that I commonly use in my work. Until recently, I manually included these functions at the start of my R scripts by either the tried and true copy-and-paste method, or by extracting them from a local file with the <code>source()</code> […]

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