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ProgrammingR is your one-stop source for learning the R programming language, finding R jobs, hiring an R programmer or R consultant, and getting R related help. This page will give you a two-minute overview of everything this site offers to help you find what you’re looking for. The navigation links below have been classified by whether you are looking for help with the R programming language, looking for an R job, or looking to hire individuals with R expertise.

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R programming language

For beginners, especially those new to programming in general, R can have a steep learning curve. The ProgrammingR community will help keep you informed of new R programming books via our book review listings, expand your knowledge with R-related articles, and provide a source for help in our R programming forums. Be sure to subscribe to our articles and reviews RSS feed to stay up to date.

R consulting

ProgrammingR is the most popular site on the Internet for R consultant listings. If your company is seeking to hire an R professional or R-based organization, you can browse our R consultants listings. Many of our sponsors offer R programming and consulting services as well – don’t forget to check with them to see if they can meet your needs.

If you are an R consultant or organization that provides R programming services, there is no better place to promote your services. ProgrammingR.com is the first search result for many searches related to R consulting. We have both standard and featured R consultant listing options.

R employment listings

If you would like to post a job listing for an R programmer job or a job that requires expertise in the R programming language, you can do so in our R jobs section (The First One is Free!). ProgrammingR.com helps you fill your opening with a quality employee, quickly. One recent HR professional met her hiring goal less than 2 days after posting her R-based job exclusively on ProgrammingR.

If you’re looking for an R-based programming job, our list is unparalleled. We list jobs from the R-jobs listserv and also jobs submitted exclusively to ProgrammingR.com. We periodically review other job listings for R-based positions, so if you follow our R job listing feed you’ll stay up to date on almost all the R job opportunities available. Need help with your resume? Check out:¬†resumeskills.us!

If you’ve made it this far and still haven’t found what you need, drop us a line and tell us what you want to see. Welcome to the ProgrammingR community!

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