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  • We’re a top ranked result in Google for R jobs and R consultants (Want to verify that claim? Click here and here.)
  • We attract coders only! You will spend less time and money on the search, since you’re targeting the right audience. According to Google, the people who visit this site know code.

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  • One HR professional who posted a job listing exclusively on ProgrammingR found the employee she was looking for in just 3 days.
  • “I was really impressed by the number and quality of applicants! Thanks for your help getting this out there.”  – Steve, Cramer Fish Sciences

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  • Position must involve R programming, data science, statistical consulting, or advanced analytics
  • Include email or phone number for candidate responses

Note: All postings are subject to editorial review. We also offer a promoted posting package which includes site-wide advertising of the position, better visibility on job pages, and the ability to more broadly share information about your company and content.

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