Estimating seabird and marine mammal bycatch

Dragonfly is a small company specializing in statistical analysis. We are looking for a statistician or quantitative scientist to join us for a full-time position based in Wellington, New Zealand. Initially, the work will be focused on estimating seabird and marine mammal mortality in New Zealand fisheries. Affected species include albatross, sealions and common dolphins.
There is considerable public interest in the conservation of these animals, and the analysis will provide crucial input into their management. We require skills in the following areas:

* A strong background in contemporary statistical methods
* Proven programming experience
* Experience in the analysis and management of large data sets
* An ability to work both collaboratively and independently
* Demonstrated skills in verbal and written communication, including the preparation of scientific publications

A quantitative background is essential. We work with an open source tool chain, including Linux, R, JAGS, Postgresql, Python and Latex. Previous experience with these tools would be advantageous.

A New Zealand work permit is required for this job. For more information see our website Applications close on 9 October 2009.

Estimating seabird and marine mammal bycatch

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