R Errors Explained: unable to locate r binary by scanning standard locations

You expect to get the occasional error message once you start programming, but you do not expect them before you have ever typed a single line of code. The “unable to locate r binary by scanning standard locations” error is just such a problem. The good news is that once you get R-Studio running properly you should not get this problem.

The circumstances of this error.

This error can occur when you first install R-Studio if the R compiler has not been installed or has been installed improperly. In either case, R-Studio is incapable of finding the compiler software resulting in this error message. Now, it is possible that there could be something else wrong that is preventing R-Studio from finding the R compiler. If this is the case, you may have a bigger problem then getting this error message. In either case, this error message simply means that R-Studio cannot find the R compiler. There are three main causes, but they have a similar way to fix them.

What is causing this error?

Ultimately the reason for this error message is that R-Studio can not incapable find the R compiler software. However, there are three main reasons why this would be the case.

  • The R compiler software was never installed.
  • The R compiler software was installed in the wrong location.
  • The R compiler software has been deleted, renamed or otherwise altered.

Regardless of the precise cause, the problem is that R-Studio cannot find the R compiler. This means that in this case there is no way of tweaking your code or anything else to fix the problem. You simply need to get the compiler where it needs to be so that R-Studio can find it.

How to fix this error.

Regardless of the particular reason why R-Studio cannot find the R compiler, the solution is simple. The solution is to install or reinstall the R compiler, to make sure that it is in the correct place for R-Studio to find it.

One reason the R compiler may not be installed even if you have R-Studio is that R-Studio does not come with the compiler. You need to download and install it separately. If this is the source of your problem, then simply downloading and installing the compiler will fix this error.

If you have already installed it and you still have the install file then simply reinstall it making sure that you install it to the default location. This should also fix any other problems it may be preventing R-Studio from finding the R compiler. Otherwise, re-download it first. In either case, a fresh install of the R compiler in the right location should fix the problem.