Stuart Greenlee

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Description: Over the past ten years I have gained a lot of experience with applying various data science techniques to many different data sources using the R programming language. I started consulting five years ago and have worked on dozens of projects for clients, ranging from small R scripts to full data pipelines.

Here is a range of what I can accomplish when applying R to your data:

  • Data management; importing, merging, and cleaning data
  • Statistical analysis; exploratory, descriptive, and inferential methods
  • Machine learning; including regression analysis, principal component analysis, genetic algorithms, and neural networks
  • Data sources; ranging anywhere from small, sparse data sets to those with many gigabytes and hundreds of features
  • Visualizations; every research project has the potential to reveal many stories. Being able to tell a story through graphics is a great way to get your message across

There are few things that I cannot do with R, but I would be happy to take on any project that requires me to learn something new. I am located in Seattle, but I am willing to travel if the project requires it. I am also very well versed in SAS and Excel.

Rates are negotiable.

Phone: 773.717.0915

Stuart Greenlee

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