Statistical Programmer

The position you are applying for is connected with a large bank initiative called Enterprise Target State Fraud Detection and Monitoring. Treasury Services is the largest wholesale bank in the world; and as a result, you have the rare opportunity to analyze the largest and most important transactional data set in existence anywhere. We use state of the art statistical methods to analyze this data, identify potential fraud, and raise alerts. Big Data meets IT Security!

1. Work in a Hadoop-centric environment capable of handling massive data volume accessed through Map/Reduce parallel software in the “R” programming language
2. Create statistical technology that identifies risky transactions which may be fraudulent
3. Encourages (expects!) you to contribute both technology and business ideas on how  you should fundamentally use its Big Data environment to isolate fraud.
4. Encourages (demands!) that you think beyond the project into a wider roll-out into a mass array of applications.
5. Work in the context of the industry leaders in financial IT security. This team already used statistical methods to break encryption algorithms and analyze biometric authentication. Next, we will address fraud.
Once this multi-year project is complete you will continue operating in the same environment with ownership over the systems you created, to modify, extend, and continue creating innovative capabilities. Your core application provides technology support for our flagship applications as well as others. You will expand upon your “R” expertise incorporating statistical methods and data analysis technology to identify new fraud patterns and quickly react when our adversaries strike.

As an developer, you will provide high quality technology solutions that address business needs by developing applications within mature technology environments. You will utilize programming methodologies, create “R” coding standards, procedures and techniques, while contributing to the technical code documentation.

You will participate in project planning sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed IT solution. You will participate in design reviews and provide input to the design recommendations; incorporate security requirements into design; and provide input to information/data flow, and understand and comply with Project Life Cycle Methodology in all planning steps. You will also adhere to IT Control Policies throughout design, development and testing and incorporate Corporate Architectural Standards into application design specifications. Additionally, you will document the detailed application specifications, translate technical requirements into programmed application modules and develop/enhance software application modules. You will participate in code reviews and ensure that all solutions are aligned to pre-defined architectural specifications; identify/troubleshoot application code-related issues; and review and provide feedback to the final user documentation. You will research and resolve coding defects and document root cause.

• A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
• 5+ years experience with full development lifecycle from inception through implementation
• Development experience with “R”
• 3+ years experience working in both Unix or Linux
• Experience with statistic techniques and data analysis
• Excellent analytical, communication, organizational and problem-solving skills coupled with a strong work ethic
• Strong planning and organizational skills
• Solid design, coding, testing and debugging skills
• Ability to translate business requirements into functional requirements documentation
• Demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills quickly
• Ability to work in a team environment under aggressive timelines
Familiarity with Enterprise Systems applications preferred

To apply, please contact: Yenejah Jemmott at

Statistical Programmer
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