Statistical Analyst

Statistical Analyst

Health Insight Technologies, a VC backed startup with offices in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA is looking for a motivated Statistical Analyst who is passionate about creating statistical analyses that will provide insight into the quality, safety and efficiency of the health care system.

This company develops analytic systems for physicians and hospitals that extract and present data and analytics to help improve the safety and quality of health care. Analysis, algorithms, statistical models, and compelling statistical graphical approaches created by the Statistical Analyst will be embedded within the analytic systems, providing a major source of insight for our clients.

The environment is aggressive, fast paced and innovative. We reward motivated individuals who are dedicated to improving the quality and safety of health care. Our team is highly collaborative self-directed. We are looking for creative, innovative employees with a strong analytic though process who will take ownership of their responsibilities, work collaboratively, and always look for ways to add to the personal and professional growth of the company and their peers.

Health Insight Technologies is looking for an experienced statistical analyst with experience in using R for complex analysis.

• 2-5 years direct experience working with R
• Extensive experience with data manipulation techniques in R
• Extensive experience in using R for modeling, for example, using techniques such as supervised and unsupervised predictive analytics, including linear/logistic regression (including lasso and other shrinkage methods), cluster analysis, longitudinal data and time series, random forest and decision trees, support vector machines, and survival analysis
• Extensive experience with standard visualization methods in R, especially the lattice package
• Experience with GIS and network analysis a plus
• Interest in extending knowledge of R to new approaches and techniques: intense interest in exploring new techniques will be a must for this position
• Familiarity with methods of working with large data in R
• Working knowledge of SQL preferred
• Familiarity with the medical domain is a definite plus, a passionate interest in working with health care data is a must

Education: BS/MS in Statistics/Biostatistics or an MPH with a strong emphasis on statistical and/or machine learning methods, or equivalent education.

Compensation includes industry-leading salaries, performance incentives, stock options, and full benefits.
About us:

We are an early stage health analytics company. Our mission is to use technology, analytics and information to save lives and improve the quality of care by developing and delivering the next generation of clinical informatics and analytic systems. By focusing on the power of data, we hope to support clinicians in getting useful, timely, well-organized insights that improve the health of our patients and the community as a whole.
Our founding team has a deep understanding of the target market and a successful track record in building and growing successful companies, creating value and liquidity. We are backed by three of the most respected local venture capital firms with significant capital resources devoted in the short and long term to our mission.
Our compensation plans are highly competitive including, salary, performance bonuses, stock options and comprehensive benefits.
Our culture is intellectually rigorous, focused on solving daunting analytical and technical challenges while supporting employees to maintain a healthy balance of hard work and fun. We pride ourselves on the quality of our employees, the importance of our mission and the clients we serve.

Please send a resume and cover letter/email to:

Statistical Analyst

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