Publix – Marketing Analytics Consultant – FL

Grocery stores are an amazing playground for a data scientist, especially if you have access to loyalty card data (speaking from experience).

Are you interested in working for a Fortune 100 retailer? Do you want to be able to apply your analytical knowledge and experience to help solve constantly changing business and customer facing opportunities? As a Consultant on the Business Analytics team you will be supporting Publix with Marketing measurement and data science methodologies, customer predictive models, units sales forecasting methodologies, A/B tests, and market basket analytics.

This position consults with business partners across the organization to provide research based recommendations in support of strategic decisions for Publix. This includes managing the development and deployment of analytical solutions by researching and gathering data, performing statistical analyses to glean insights, software coding and training end users on the use and interpretation of these solutions. The Business Analytics Consultant reports to the Manager of Marketing Business Analytics.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Utilizing data mining and discovery techniques to aggregate data and search for insights.
  • Extracting and aggregating sales data from our data warehouses and joining it to other business and customer data to uncover insights and key business drivers.
  • Conducting statistical analysis to determine trends and significant data relationships by using predictive software to create regression models (linear, logistic, Bayesian, stepwise, etc.), decision trees, correlation analysis, random forest models, and time series analysis.
  • Focusing on the methodical exploration of Publix’s data to insure business intelligence and predictive analytics techniques used to examine historical store and customer transaction data provide insights into how a business area, store, campaign, or item performed over time and/or in the future.
  • Determining appropriate coding language to utilize based on the source and analytical methodology that needs to be applied (e.g., SQL will be used when accessing ODBC data sources, R or Python coding language will be used when employing advanced statistical calculations).
  • Selecting the appropriate data, statistical models, and test methodologies necessary to help tell the business how to merchandise, market, grow, and target customers and stores.

Full details on their website.

Publix – Marketing Analytics Consultant – FL

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