Postdoctoral Research Fellow at EcoHealth Alliance, New York

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at EcoHealth Alliance, New York, to study the evolution and ecology of zoonotic diseases from bats and other hosts.

The position is funded by a National Institutes of Health NIAID award to discover, characterize, and model the risk of new potential zoonoses from bats. The primary focus of the Research Fellow will be to model the risk of spillover, patterns of infection, co-phylogenetic and phylogenetic relationships, and phylodynamics of emerging zoonotic diseases from bats. Research will be focused on viruses and applying phylogenetic and comparative analyses to existing models and data, including a large number of newly discovered viruses. The position may involve some fieldwork with bats or other mammals internationally, but this will not be the primary focus of the position. Some light administrative duties, including drafting of the annual report and other paperwork, will be required. The position is based at EcoHealth Alliance headquarters in New York. There will be ample opportunity to brainstorm and interact with the EcoHealth Alliance scientific team during weekly meetings and informal discussions.
Supervisory Responsibilities: The Research Fellow may be expected to supervise interns and potentially other junior staff at EcoHealth Alliance HQ to assist with the project.

A completed Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Virology, or a related field; post-doctoral research experience a plus.

A strong sense of team spirit and diplomacy is a requirement. Proficiency with statistical analysis in R and phylogenetic analyses is a must. Ability to think at a macro- or ecological scale, and experience with ecological modeling is a plus. Software skills should include, but not be limited to, most of the following: proficiency in general statistical analysis and plotting in R (GLMs, model testing, etc.); phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis in R (e.g. ape, picante, etc.); software for building phylogenetic trees (including Geneious, and other programs for alignment and building likelihood and Bayesian trees); and molecular evolution (esp. BEAST). Additionally, experience with spatial analysis or GIS would be a valuable asset, but not required. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and a proven track record in writing and publishing manuscripts are required. Experience capturing, identifying, and handling bats or other wildlife is a plus, but not required.


A proposed start date of Oct 1, 2012. This is a one-year position unless additional grant money is secured. Salary is commensurate with experience.

In order to be considered all eligible candidates must email the following three items by Sept 15, 2012: (a) one page cover letter, (b) CV, and (c) three references to as well as enter “Post Doc NIAID Bat” in the subject line of the email.

Also see the URL for these details:

EcoHealth Alliance is an equal opportunity employer

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at EcoHealth Alliance, New York

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