Fellows Statistics

Name: Fellows Statistics
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Website: http://www.fellstat.com
Contact: info@fellstat.com
Description: Fellows Statistics provides experienced, professional statistical advice and analysis for the corporate and academic world. The goal of the practice is to assist people to better understand and visualize the world around them, based on an objective empirical analysis. Whether your project is a simple analysis, or requires the development of novel techniques, Fellows Statistics can help.

Ian Fellows is a statistician and programmer based out of Los Angeles, California. His active research interests encompass many areas of statistical theory, including the analysis of longitudinal data, small sample sizes and social network analysis. His work in artificial intelligence has been featured in a number of popular press outlets including the San Diego Union Tribune. He is the creator of the Deducer project, which makes the statistical programming language R more accessible to non-programmers.

Fellows Statistics
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