The goal of ProgrammingR.com is to provide useful information to those learning and using the R programming language. New analysts and programmers starting out with R will find extensive information on importing data and conducting basic analyses. Seasoned users of other statistical packages, such as SAS and SPSS, will find information on how to translate their current statistical and syntactical knowledge into R terminology. Advanced R users will benefit from the knowledge and experience available in our forums section.

In addition to information on using the R programming language. ProgrammingR.com also provides jobs listings, book reviews, a list of R consultants and a forums section.

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Who maintains this site?

A husband and wife team, both of us code, both of us also secretly want to work in Human Resources….

Ginger (Managing Editor) is an IT executive turned analytical consultant, specializing in the field of continuous auditing. She helps internal audit teams identify fraud, waste, and abuse in their companies by applying statistical analysis to their enterprise system data. Outside of work, she is highly active in Scouting and is a certified trainer / handler of service dogs for disabled individuals. Her secret HR role? Career Counselor (did plenty of this in her IT days)

John (Technical Editor) is a statistician and web developer specializing in commercial strategy applications; he has held leadership positions in marketing, strategic pricing, risk management, and operations consulting. He’s worked in R for about seven years, primarily using it for statistical analysis and visualizations. Other technical expertise includes Python (presenter at PyATL), SQL, and front end development (Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, etc.). Outside of work, his interests include Scouting /camping, GPS-based ARG gaming, and cycling. His secret HR role? Organizational Development….

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