Reach Users Faster By Learning Web Development

My interest in web development arose from a desire to implement recommendations faster. We had been working on several highly political corporate programs. Imagine herding cats for six months to get them to agree… and then having IT tell you that it would take another six months to implement the idea (by which point, the cats have scattered into passive-aggressive chaos). Not fun.

When I started my career in analytics, there was a large gap between analyzing data and implementing system changes. We analyzed, IT built things. At a slow stately pace appropriate to your typical SAP deployment.

Many large organizations still operate this way. The funny thing is… they don’t have to anymore.

What if you could share your insights directly with the user? Without going through IT? Or for those of you with an entrepreneurial mind, directly with the public?

I started with learning how to do basic web applications (story here) using Python’s framework. I can usually build a small site within a couple of days. This laid the ground work for larger projects, including several analytics engines for work (pricing and product guidance) and several large side projects in Python.

Interested in learning more?

  • I’ve found that project based learning tends to be one of the fastest ways to build up your skills as a web developer. If you are looking for a way to jump start this process, check out the following course from Udemy – it covers building 14 websites for $10.
  • You’re also going to need web hosting.  I’ve had very good experience with Webfaction who offer the equivalent of a shared hosting plan that supports Python, PHP, and other Linux-friendly web frameworks. They are a developer-focused company who emerged from the Python community, with excellent support for Python and emerging technology. They currently offer a $10/month hosting deal which can support fairly robust applications.





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