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    Hello guys!!

    I have a problem about merging my data frame. I work with many table in Access base. I have no probleme with data frame with the same obs and you can see below

    # data-frame 1(200obs of 11), data-frame 2(200obs of 45), data-frame 3(200obs of 11), data-frame 4(200obs of 56), data-frame 4(200obs of 70),

    data <-data-frame 1
    data_no<- c(“dataframe2″,”dataframe3″,”dataframe4″)
    for(vars in bases$TABLE_NAME[bases$TABLE_NAME%in%data_no==T]){
    data<-merge(data,vars,by=”ID”, all=TRUE)}

    Now I would like merge “data” with data frame with not the same obs like and with many rows: dataframe7 (400obs of 25 var) , dataframe8(600 of 54var)

    I tried to do ” merge (data , dataframe7 , by =”ID” …) , it worked but I have but I have many rows of one person .

    I just want your help if you have any suggestion

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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