Microstructure Research and Engineering Technology, LLC

Name: Microstructure Research and Engineering Technology, LLC

Location: New York, NY

Website: www.microstructure-research.com
Contact: pbhuyan@microstructure-research.com

Description: Microstructure Research and Engineering Technologies, LLC is a quantitative research and technology firm based in Lower Manhattan. We specialize in helping firms make sense of Big Data. We use R extensively in areas ranging from high frequency finance to business intelligence. We have a talented team of researchers and developers that employ transparent, collaborative and neatly managed solutions that maximize the efficiency of our clients’ research and development dollar and ensure projects are managed professionally and completed on time and within budget. Please email Prashant B. Bhuyan at pbhuyan@microstructure-research.com for an overview, case studies and general inquiries. You can also visit our site at www.microstructure-research.com.