Contact is the highest ranking Google result for many searches related to R jobs and R consultants. (Want to verify that claim? Click here and here.) By posting your job listing or consultant profile on you will receive the maximum exposure possible to users who are actively looking for R employment or programming/consulting services.

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Are ProgrammingR job listings effective? One HR professional who recently posted a job listing exclusively on ProgrammingR found the employee she was looking for in just 3 days. Quick, targeted job searches, and the fact that posting a job on ProgrammingR is much cheaper than on other sites, make ProgrammingR an easy choice for filling your R programmer/analyst vacancies.

To submit a job listing, use the the form below. You will be contacted by a member of the ProgrammingR team who will collect your payment information.

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There is a small one-time fee of $2.99 USD to post a standard consultant listing and a fee of $10/month for a featured listing. Both listings can include the same information – the difference is in how long your listing will be visible and how prevalent it will be.

With a standard listing your profile will:
– remain on the first page of consultant listings until pushed off by new listings
– be pushed further down the page as new listings are added

With a featured listing your profile will:
– remain at the top of the consultant page until cancelled

Are profile listings effective? Of course it depends on your skills and expertise, but consultants with listings on ProgrammingR have reported over $25K a year in work via their ProgrammingR listings.

To post either a standard or featured listing, submit your information below. You will be contacted by a member of the ProgrammingR team who will collect your payment information.

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For other inquiries or comments, you can leave a message using the contact form below. In all cases, please select the appropriate category to ensure the quickest response or action regarding your message.

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