How To Fix R Error: unable to establish connection with r session

The “unable to establish connection with r session” error message is an unusual error message in that it is not connected to a mistake and code. Instead, it seems to be a problem with the software itself. This makes it an exceptionally hard problem to diagnose and fix. This is because unlike other error messages you cannot fix it simply by correcting your code.

The circumstances of this error.

The “unable to establish connection with r session” error message occurs when RStudio has just started up. This connection issue seems to occur no matter what the person does. This error can occur when editing files, running code, and even removing plots. It makes it impossible to do anything in Rstudio. This is far worse than a coding problem because coding problems can be fixed by fixing the code that is causing the problem. This is a problem with the software where it is not making a needed connection or losing an existing connection. Unfortunately, because this is not a coding issue it is a lot harder to fix.

What is causing this error?

One of the things that make “unable to establish connection with r session” an unusually hard error message to fix is that it has more than one cause. Three known causes are interference from an anti-virus program, running RStudio as an administrator, and even a Rscript file trying to autosave. However, because it is a connection issue it could be caused by a problem connecting to a server, proxy server, or a remote desktop. If you are using any of these remote server methods you need to check your network connection because that may be the source of the error. Any of these remote connection error causes could be affecting your ability to connect to the RStudio server. If you are not using any of these in the problem is likely to be with the software or one of his files.

How to fix this error.

Because there are many possible causes of this internet connection error there are also many possible fixes. The following is a list of possible fixes for this errror.

  • Make sure you are using the computer’s native desktop because a remote desktop connection could be the problem.
  • If the problem occurs at the rstudio command prompt try reinstalling rstudio.
  • Updating your R packages may fix the problem.
  • Try to install r 3.4.2 in place of your current version.
  • Try to install rstudio 1.1.463 in place of your current version.
  • Try deactivating your antivirus software.
  • Try changing the software rendering engine to “Software.”
  • Resetting rStudio’s state sometimes fixes this issue
  • Make sure that there are no .Rdata files in your default working directory.

Because of the nature of this error, this cannot be considered an exhaustive list of possible solutions. This is why fixing this problem is so difficult.

The “unable to establish connection with r session” error message is difficult to fix because it does not result from poorly written code. Instead, it is a problem associated with the software itself making it difficult to find the correct fix for your particular situation. The best approach, if you are getting this error, would be to eliminate any servers, proxy servers, or remote desktops from the process. If this fails try deactivating your antivirus software. Next update all of your R packages. If all else fails try reinstalling your software because it may mean that some software glitch has occurred. Sadly this is a difficult error to fix because it is software related and not code related. Unfortunately, finding the solution may ultimately be trial and error but with the proper precaution, it might work.

Error: unable to establish connection with r session

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