error: package e1071 is require

The “error: package e1071 is required” error message occurs when using the caret package. It is an r programming package that is dependent on the e package. This error message occurs when the e1071 package is missing. Fixing this error message is a simple matter of installing the e1071 package. This makes it a simple problem to fix.

Description of the R Error

Caret is a machine modeling model r package used to tune models by using training data. It uses algorithm and function processes on the data, in the modeling process. No matter what version of caret you are using, you need the same dependency packages to run the package properly. Our error message is triggered by the missing e package because the program cannot continue without it. This makes this error message basically a glorified file not found error message. It is easy to understand but easy to fall into because it is not your mistake. Fortunately, this error message is clear enough that it is easy to understand what is going on.

Explanation of the R error

The carrot package uses a support vector machine to work out the regression and classification. A support vector regression is a form of machine learning that uses latent class analysis. The support vector algorithms use md sums to produce the svm model. All of these require the e1071 to work, and so if it is not present, it produces our error message. This is an unusual circumstance because packages usually include any other packages upon which they are dependent. It most likely means that you accidentally unclicked the install dependency checkbox when you installed the caret. This resulted in the e package being accidentally left out of the installation list.

How to fix the R error

This is a simple error message to correct. All that you need to do is to install the e1071 package. To do so go into r studio then click on the Packages tab in the lower right-hand window. Under that click on the install tab. Next in the popup window that opens enter e1071 into the packages text box, and make sure the install dependency checkbox is checked. This will install the needed packages and fix the problem causing our error message. This is a fairly simple process, but it fixes the problem, and you will not get this error message again.

This is an easy-to-understand error message and an easy one to fix. In the process of installing the e1071 package, it is important to make sure that the install dependency checkbox is indeed checked. If you do not correct this, you will get similar errors in the future. The good news about this error message is that once you install any needed packages, the problem will be fixed for good.

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