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    I’m new in the forum, and first I want to say hello to everyboy!

    And now, this is the question:

    I’m trying to manipulate and re-organise a lot of complex data, they have many problems, they’re presented very bad, and one-to-one I’m trying to solve all the problems..Now I have to solve a problem that I don’t know how can I do, honestly:

    I have in a column many different values for each row, that means a list of values that are separate through a comma, and it’s ok, I did it with “colsplit()”, but now the problem is that not evey row in the column has many values, so I have to say: split the values only if there is the comma.

    I could do it with apply, or if else, or for cycle…but I can’t create a good cycle that does it, sorry.. I think it would be easy for people that do always “Programming in R”, but I have not so much practice with the programming, so I ask for a help..

    thank uuu sooo much!

    I hope somebody can do it very easily! 🙂

    have a nice day, everybody!



    hi francy

    perhaps i can help u.if u send your data to my mail i sudy them ,and try to solve your problem

    this is my mail:

    nice to meet u!!!!



    Hi I’m new in this forum and I am looking for help for solving R problem and make R report. Im new to R programming and I really need help if you can solve that out. I would be soo soo thankful.

    Please reply if anybody could help and then I can send the data.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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