MarginHound Analytics

“Growth Specialist”

Atlanta-based analytics boutique with extensive experience improving marketing and commercial performance. Our founders have twenty years of experience in marketing, operations consulting, and data science. We offer a collaborative, data-driven approach to understanding your current marketing and commercial performance, identifying where you can grow sales, and creating plans to implement these ideas.

Our team’s background is in management consulting and performance improvement; as such, we create value for clients in three ways:

  • Experienced commercial strategist and marketing consultant with substantial experience in operating leadership roles
  • Deep expertise in analytics, process, and technology: we take data, find the insights, and build tools to share them with your team
  • Emphasis on change management and organizational development; our goal is to teach you how to fish….

Business Expertise:

  • Atlanta Marketing Consultant (Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Retention, Lifetime Value)
  • Digital Marketing and Web Publishing (content engagement, advertising optimization)
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Pricing & Margin Improvement
  • Product Sourcing / Analytics
  • Software Development (usually to automate solutions for one of the above)

Technical Accomplishments – Founders:

  • Data Warehousing: In response to a merger, stood up a sales datamart for a major corporation in under three weeks
  • Web Development: Directed design and development of web apps for pricing, sales, and sourcing (200+ users)
  • B2C Web Publishing: Built a high-traffic B2C website monetized via advertising (Python, mobile web design)
  • Sales Performance: Developed and taught analytics module for a leading distributor’s sales management course
  • Continuous Auditing: Implementation consultant and modeler for continuous monitoring analytics software
  • Enterprise PMO Development: Extensive experience leading the development of technology program management teams

Technical Tools: Python, R, SQL / databases, Web Development (full-stack web developer)

Don’t let the suits fool you – we love to code and it shows. Everyone on the founding team has a background in technology and analytics. We love data and finding ways to use it to grow your business. When you need a data-driven Atlanta marketing consultant, we are ready to help!



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