Helper Function Contest

Just in time for the holidays, ProgrammingR is giving you the opportunity to win a gift for yourself or someone who loves R. And in the spirit of the holidays, you’ll also be giving back to the R community.

In the last article I presented two helper functions I use often. I also teased an upcoming, related event. This is that event.

The premise is simple. Post your favorite (original) R helper function(s). We’ll select 3-5 of the top candidates and put those to a popular vote. The author of the function with the most votes at the end of the contest will receive their choice of one of the three books below.

The contest begins now. Post your submissions to this forum or use the comments below to point us to a post on your site written specifically for this contest. You can enter as many of your helper functions as you like between now and midnight 12/14/12 Eastern Standard Time. We’ll choose the finalists and allow approximately a week of voting for them starting soon after 12/14. The author of the function with the most votes at the end of the popular voting will be the winner.

I look forward to seeing what the ProgrammingR community has to offer!

Some Important Guidelines:
By participating, you agree to be bound by the decisions of the ProgrammingR staff in all contest-related aspects, but especially in regard to who the finalists are and the winner is. We will do our best to run a fair and impartial contest, but we can’t guarantee the originality of every submission, for example. You also certify that you have the right to publicly post any code you submit and that we can repost it on the site. If you point us to a submission on your site and your code is selected as a finalist, we’ll need to verify that it actually is your site.

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